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Sarva Seva Sangh Prakashan – An Introduction

During Bhoodan movement in 1952, Vinoba Bhave popularly known as Baba while travelling in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh relalized that the publication of Sarvodaya Literature in a must to take the message of Mahatma Gandhi & Sarvodaya to the people.

  • Varanasi was considered an ideal place for publication for this purpose. Late Shri Jamnalal Jain came to Varanasi from Wardha in 1955. Thus Sarva Seva Sangh Prakashan came into existence.
  • Initially small booklets of Sarvodaya Literature were published. Pubclication work progressed by leafs and bound during the able leadership of first convenor Late Shri Radhakrishna Bajaj. Discourse of Vinobaji was published. Publication of Geeta Pravachan & Sthitapragyan Darshan (Stead fast wisdom) was taken up. Slowly the works get momentum. Sarvodaya Darshan and Ahinsak Kranti Ki Prakriya of Dada Dharmadhikari were published which are considered as most authentic and reference books on Sarvodaya philosophy. Books of Mahatma Bhagwandeen, a close associate of Vinoba Bhave & initiator of Jhanda Satyagraha, were published. Mahatma Bhagwandeen was an expert in child psychology. His book Satya Ki Khoj compiled in almost 200 pages was published for the first time in 1957. Another very important book Balak Apni Prayogshala Mein, a reference book for the teachers, was published.
  • It was 1958-59, a piece of Railway land behind Kashi Railways station and near river Ganges and G.T. Road came into the notice of Shri Radhakrishna Bajaj. This piece of land was purchased from Railways in 1960-61 and 70. Late Lal Bahadur Shastri was closely associated with Sarva Seva Sangh, played in key role in it. Later on building was constructed.
  •  During 1960-65 work of publication made tremendous progress. Hindi edition of 3 volumes of J. Krishnamurthy’s Commentary on Living were published. ‘Geeta-Tatwabodh’, a large book of Valkobaji was also published.
  •  During the Gandhi centenary 1969-70 under the able leadership of Shri Radhakrishna Bajaj, 5 books on Gandhi-Vinoba of nearly 800 pages and seven books of thousand pages were published. Vinobaji evidently studied all the important religions of the world. Commentaries of Vinoba on all the essence of those religions of the world were published. With the help of Jinendra Barniji, a devoted and learned saint, a book on Jainism ‘Samansootam’ was brought about.
  •  To spread the message of Gandhi, Vinoba & Sarvodaya, attempts were made to open Sarvodaya Book stalls at Railway Stations. Late Shri Siddaraj Dhadda, editor Bhoodan Weekly and coveynor of Sarva Seva Sangh Prakashan had a meeting with the then Railway Minister Sardar Swarna Singh on Novemeber 1962 for opening Sarvodaya Book Stall at Railway Stations which resulted into opening Sarvodaya Book Stalls at different Railways Stations.
Following persons were convenor of Sarva Seva Sangh Prakashan since inception:
  1. Shri Radhakrishna Bajaj
  2. Shri Siddaraj Dhadda
  3. Shri Rattoba Dastane
  4. Shri Chunnibhai Vaidya
  5. Shri Krishnaraj Mehta
  6. Shri Narendra Bhai
  7. Shri Teja Singh
  8. Shri Keshav Bhai
  9. Shri Chandrika Prasad Pandey
  10. Shri Vinay Bhai
  11. Shri Hemran Sharma
  12. Shri Ramchandra Rahi
  13. Shri Abhinash Chandra
  14. Shri Ram Dhiraj
  15. Shri Aditya Patnayak
  16. Shri Ashok Bharat
  17. Shri Shivvijay Singh
  18. Shri Arvind Anjum


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